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内容摘要:The Friday before the wedding was already flying by, unlike these recaps, which I realize seem to be dragging on forever. I have a small con...

The Friday before the wedding was already flying by, unlike these recaps, which I realize seem to be dragging on forever. I have a small confession to make, hive: I’m already sad thinking of my recaps coming to an end and I have barely started! Six months later and I am still a little sad to think our wedding is over. Who wouldn’t want to go back and feel the kind of love and support you can only get from being surrounded by all your friends and family, every single day? I was still a calm and collected (although a bit butterfly-filled) bride after our salon trip, but I was soon to be a big teary mess from all the love and goodness coming my way!

I knew from the beginning I wanted to show my mostly northern guests as many Southern traditions as I could, and the bridesmaid luncheon was no exception. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than at a tea party with the women I love! Of course, things are always easier said than planned.

After the first venue we toured and booked went out of business (with no notice, mind you), my amazing planner, Windy Jennings came through as she always did with the perfect solution (please read more of my raves and all around love for Windy here). She sent Mama Cloud and I to check out Feathernesters, a tea room in the north side of Richmond. The location was perfect and I was smitten with the whole place as soon as I stepped in the door. When you walk in there is a whole shop of furniture, gifts, and accessories I could have browsed through for hours. Behind the shop area is the tea room, and drapes were hung to create a private section just for us. Brother Cloud was commissioned once again for a little drawing that was perfect for the invites.

In addition to the bridesmaids I also invited Mama Cloud, MIL Cloud,菲律宾申博太阳城官网直营网 美丽砗磲展现缤纷海世界掌控性爱节奏, Nana Cloud, all of my aunts, and female cousins that would be attending the wedding. Nineteen women that I love and admire were able to join me that afternoon, and we had an amazing time.

Not surprisingly I was running my standard fifteen minutes late, and when I arrived almost everyone was already there waiting for me. I was immediately excited and overwhelmed; everyone was there just for ME and they all had huge smiles on their faces! I was trying very hard not to cry at this point, but I didn’t manage to keep that going for long. I had been thinking about what I was going to say to everyone for months, but when I was standing there I only made it a few sentences until I was in tears. How do you thank so many amazing women for supporting you through your whole life?

I should have pictured everyone in their underwear, instead I was a sobby mess. Then my MOH got up and it was all over.

My MOH is my sorority big sister, and the real life big sister I never had. She has been there for me through every crisis and celebration since my first few weeks in college. And since she knows me better than almost anyone else, she also knows just what to say to pull at the heart strings. I think she even was holding back the tears at a few points.

I had not planned on giving my girls their gifts until later at the rehearsal dinner. I figured the tea would be time to just eat, chat, and relax, but they had one more surprise for me. And apparently I never did learn my lesson about not making ridiculous faces when I know the camera might be on me.

They know me too well! An adorable Tiffany & Co. bracelet, monogrammed with my new initials!

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating a delicious lunch and catching up. The family I have known my whole life, my new family, and my closest friends got to know each other a bit more before the craziness really began.

My aunts E and K, and Nana Cloud. Feathernesters had the greatest hats on display around the room.

Maid A chatting with Nana Cloud and my great aunt.

Me and my beautiful cousin, Jr. ‘maid C.

This was the first time I had all my ‘maids in one place!

Everything was perfect, just the way I had imagined it would be. Right up until the end. So here it comes hive, one more confession for you: I had a full blown bridal breakdown. I was so proud of myself for being cool, calm and collected but I was really starting to get nervous. And when I get nervous something pretty terrible tends to happen, I get sick. As in, I get a case of the yacks. No sweaty palms for this girl, instead I have to head to the bathroom. Awesome. As the end of the tea neared I realized I had yet to hear from Daddy Cloud, or Mr. Cloud at all. Our fur baby was at the groomer getting ready for her close up the next day with the photographer,澳门太阳城官网打不开 说床话榻释坐姿[求助] 澳门太阳城官网打不开 cuplayer插件播放, and the plan was that one of the boys would handle her pick-up after they all had lunch and played a quick game of laser tag. But when I checked my phone, the groomer had left me a message saying she hadn’t been picked up yet. I started to panic as my timeline was slipping away. It was about this moment that I also realized I was running behind, too—we had been at the tea for an hour OVER the original plan. Oh, did I mention I had planned on packing between the tea and rehearsal too? Planning foul in full effect. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be wasting time throwing up when all you can think about is how many other things you need to do right now. (I’m sorry I realize this is graphic,澳门太阳城游戏网址 [求助] 澳门太阳城游戏网址 怎样设置瀑布流的图片高度2009.12.11 25, and pretty embarrassing, but I promised a full recap. I don’t want you to think every second was rainbows and sunshine when some moments were really a lot, um, grosser.)

Once again I realized I am a lucky, lucky girl. My bridesmaids were already stepping up with an action plan. One would go get the pup, another would drive to pick up a dress still being altered, others would take care of the caravan to bring everyone back to the hotel, and my MOH would meet me at my apartment to help me pack until Mr. Cloud got there. My nerves were far from gone and my stomach was definitely still in knots, but my ten minute meltdown was behind me. Saved by the bridesmaids! At this point it really was starting to feel like the mad dash to the altar (or at least the rehearsal)!

What is your plan the day before the wedding? Are you at all worried your nerves will get the best of you?

(All personal images provided by my aunts and bridesmaids.)

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